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Pub Date: 
August 2016

$ 10.95

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The Griffin of Darkwood

Age 8 to 12

173 pages, 34 chapters

* Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award
* Nominated for Silver Birch Award 2018
* Nominated for Violet Downey Award 2017

The Story

"Will's eyes were pulled back to the crystal ball. The colours swirled, making him feel dizzy. Sweat prickled his back. "It's awfully hot in here," he muttered. The ball started to spin, faster and faster. He thought his head was going to explode. In a panic, he searched For Granny Storm, but the room was full of purple mist and he couldn't see her. Clammy fingers of mist touched his cheeks and seeped into his ears. He was cold now, ice-cold. "Help!" Will squeezed his eyes shut."

12 year old Will Poppy has always been fascinated with writing – he thinks there is something almost magical about it. But when his mother dies, and he has to live with his crabby aunt, Will finds himself unable to write a word (despite the fact that two Muses will not leave him alone.) Then things get complicated – he is sent a mysterious package that includes an old picture of his grandparents and a piece of cloth with the words The Griffin of Darkwood on it. His aunt takes him to a run-down castle with servants who are up to no good – and that’s just the beginning! Will must find his way in this new world and discover the magic all over again.

What people are saying about The Griffin of Darkwood

The Griffin of Darkwood is a story filled with magic, mystery and imagination. Citra's determined young heroes and their camaraderie will resonate with young readers . . . the story also carries the positive and motivational message of the healing power of writing in times of need.

Highly Recommended CM Magazine December, 2017

Becky Citra peoples Sparrowhawk with a wide cast of colourful characters. Most interesting is the novel's primary message of integrity and the importance of following your passions. . . . a fun and satisfying adventure for readers seeking a hint of magic.

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Becky Citra takes on a whole new dimension in her writing: fantasy. And she does that effortlessly with the expertise of a seasoned writer.. . The tale is rich in characters and setting and plot., all the essential components of a great story. The Griffin of Darkwood will fill a reading void for early and middle-grade readers who are in want of a Harry Potteresque fantasy without the truly scary bits and a huge page count, and who appreciate the far-too-rare triumph over evil in our own world.

CanLit for Little Canadians

The Griffin of Darkwood is an exciting, fanciful story with magical phenomena and gothic horror. She (Citra) has a wonderful endlessly inventive imagination: eccentric characters and magical devices abound...The Griffin of Darkwood delivers humour, mystery and action aplenty. Young readers alight with enthusiasm for magic and haunted castles are sure to enjoy it.

Quill and Quire
In modern preteen Will, Citra creates an enchanting character full of spunk, and she paces this story with an ease that lulls readers right into this suspenseful, moment-to-moment journey as Will transitions back and forth between the human world and the supernatural. Solid worldbuilding makes this a believable, page-turning adventure.

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