Jeremy in the Underworld

Illustrated by:
Jessica Milne


Orca Book Publishers

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$ 6.95

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Jeremy in the Underworld

Ages 7-9

63 pages, 12 chapters

The Story

Jeremy and Aristotle hid in the middle of a bush. CRACK! CRUNCH! SNAP! “He guards the gate to the Underworld,” whispered Aristotle. “He only lets you in if you’re a shade.” “What’s a shade?” said Jeremy. “A dead person,” said Aristotle. “Great,” said Jeremy. They had fooled the ferryman. But he didn’t think they could fool the three-headed dog. The gigantic dog house rumbled and shook. “He’s coming out!” said Aristotle.

In book two of the Enchanted Theater series, Jeremy and the talking cat Aristotle travel through time into the Underworld to solve the first riddle. They meet an eerie ferryman, a ferocious three headed dog and lots of mysterious shades (dead people.) Jeremy’s favourite Greek hero Hercules lends them a hand, but it is up to Jeremy to solve the riddle, help the sad Queen Persephone and escape from Hades, the God of the Underworld.

*Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice 2007

What people are saying about Jeremy in the Underworld

  A fast paced plot (that will) be interesting to many readers, but particularly to those children who are fond
of myths and legends. It is a good adventure with cliff hangers at the end of every chapter. Citra has delivered a story that does not overwhelm the reader with facts while weaving a good story line. . . Citra packs in a lot of good reading in 63 pages!
  A good read-aloud and a unique story for readers.  
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