Never To Be Told

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Never To Be Told


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Never To Be Told

Ages 9 - 12

224 pages

The Story

A faint sound brushed her ear, and she heard a voice whisper death. She glanced around, astonished. A gentle breeze had picked up, rippling the long grass in the meadow. She frowned. There was no one else there, except Ira and Maddy, and the only sound was the rustling of the aspen leaves by the creek.

Asia has lived with elderly Ira and his wife Maddy for as long as she can remember. She loves their farm at Cold Creek, but when Ira has a heart attack, his interfering son Harry comes to visit and turns Asia’s world upside down. Distraught at the possibility of losing the only family she has ever known, Asia is frightened but fascinated by the appearance of a ghost at an abandoned farm – a ghost only she can see and hear. Harry eventually ferrets out the truth about Asia’s mother and Asia must confront a whole set of relatives she had no idea existed. When she is sent to live with her grandmother in West Vancouver, Asia solves both the mystery of the ghost at the Old Farm and the puzzle of her mother’s disappearance.

*Nominated for the 2008/2009 Red Cedar Award


*Shortlisted for the HACKMATACK AWARD 2007/2008

*Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice 2007

*Ontario Library Association BEST BETS 2006 TOP TEN   Fiction List

What people are saying about Never To Be Told
Lately classic but well-written ghost stories have been far and few between – until now. With her eerie but gentle ghost story, Citra’s Never To Be Told will no doubt be well received by young girls who like to be spooked but not given nightmares. Highly recommended.
CM Magazine  Volume XIII Number 1 Sept. 2006
A useful addition to a library.  . .  readers are immediately drawn into the ghost story. . . the book has interesting language and does a good job of creating tension to draw the reader forward.
Resource Links Volume 12 Number 1
This is a great mystery story with lots of twists and turns. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in ghosts or mysteries because this novel sure does take you on a windy rollercoaster.
Kylie www.teensreadtoo.com
This book is a real page-turner, with strong likable main characters.
Nassau Boces School Library System, NY
Becky Citra weaves a strong and thoughtful book of love and relationships . . . the themes of loss and healing, of acceptance and openness to life bring the strands of Becky Citra’s compassionate story together in a quiet strong ending.
Deakin Newsletter – Okanagan College Library March 2007
  The great strength of Never To Be Told lies in Citra’s ability to present Asia’s anxieties and resentments without pandering to them or caricaturing the adult characters. . . Perhaps more than anything Citra’s maturity as a writer emerges in Beth’s tactful and patient reading of Asia’s moods and her respect for the young girl’s privacy and growing independence.  

Canadian Literature Fall 2007


. . . . . I found that as I read on I became more and more intrigued. I read your book over three days. I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved Never To Be Told and I hope you make a sequel. This book really inspired me.


Your book is really great. I really felt a strong connection with the characters in the story.

  I got very emotional with this book. I cried when I read the part about her getting the bunny from her Mom  
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