Jeremy and the Golden Fleece

Illustrated by:
Jessica Milne


Orca Book Publishers

Pub Date: 
April 2008

$ 6.95

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Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine

Ages 7-9

61 pages, 11 chapters


The Story

The king stared at Jeremy. His eyes were like ice. “And who are you?” he said. Jeremy’s legs felt like jelly. He wanted to turn and run. But he had to save the Enchanted Theater. “Errr . .. I’m Jeremy,” he stammered. “I traveled back in time three thousand years to get here . . . and Aristotle who lives in the Enchanted Theater came with me and - ” “Spies!” said the king. “Trying to steal my invention!” A murmur ran through the crowd. “No, you’ve got it wrong,” said Jeremy. “There’s a riddle - ” “GUARDS!” bellowed the king. “Run!” yelled Aristotle.

In book four of the Enchanted Theater series, Jeremy and the cat Aristotle must solve one more riddle. Once again they travel through time and space into Ancient Greece. Once again, they face their fears, this time deep in a maze beneath the ground where they encounter a dreaded monster. Jeremy must summon all his courage when the only way to escape means plunging off a high tower with only a pair of home made wings.

Orca Book Publishers
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