Jeremy and the Golden Fleece

Illustrated by:
Jessica Milne


Orca Book Publishers

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$ 6.95

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Jeremy and the Golden Fleece

Ages 7-9

61 pages, 12 chapters

The Story

“The second riddle!” said Jeremy. Jeremy was good at riddles. But Mr. Magnus looked worried. “This is a tough one,” he moaned. He opened the scroll and read out loud, “I have twenty legs and just one wing. The sea is my kingdom and Jason my king. Who am I?” Jeremy frowned. “Twenty legs . . . one wing, . . . ,” he mumbled. He screwed up his face. He thought as hard as he could. “It’s no use,” sighed Mr. Magnus.

Jeremy and Aristotle have been to the top of Mount Olympus and into the dark land of Hades. In the third book in the Enchanted Theater, they go to sea to solve the third riddle. Jeremy becomes the captain of the famous ship The Argo and faces all kinds of dangers in his quest to capture the golden fleece.

*Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids   and Teens 2008 selection

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An entertaining read for those students who enjoy fantasy and adventure!
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