The Way Home

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Second Story Press

Pub Date: 
March 2013

$ 8.95

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The Way Home

Ages 7 - 10

127 pages, 20 chapters


"The Way Home has been nominated for the 2015 Chocolate Lily Award"

“ The Way Home has been chosen for the Bank Street College
of Education Best Books of 2014 ”

“ The Way Home was chosen as one of the Best Books
for 2013 by Resource Links ”

The Story

Cathy led Lucky in a tight circle and back to the ramp. Oliver hit him hard with the whip. Lucky skittered sideways and whinnied, and his hooves clattered on the hard ground. Cathy circled him again and again. Each time, Lucky refused to go in the trailer. Tory's heart pounded. "This is the last time," grunted Oliver.

Tory has been bumped from foster home to foster home for most of her nine years. Living with yet another new family, this time on a horse ranch for the summer, Tory falls in love with Lucky, the friendly pony she is allowed to ride.
A nearby forest fire forces the family to evacuate, and Tory is devastated when Lucky has to be left behind. With no choice but to stay in town until it's safe to go back to the ranch, Tory feels as out of place as ever, and her worries for Lucky's safety make matters worse.
Like Tory, Lucky is a survivor. He escapes from the fire into the woods, where he faces hardship and danger. Will Lucky and Tory find each other again? Kindred spirits, neither of them will stop until they find a way home, wherever that may be.


What people are saying about The Way Home
Told from the viewpoints of both Tory and the pony Lucky, Citra has written  a novel that will appeal to all animal lovers and to anyone who has ever felt alone and out of place. The story of Tory is heart breaking as the sorrows of foster care are revealed and the result is a story that is surprisingly poignant. As the plot progresses, the story of Lucky becomes secondary to that of Tory as the focus lies fixed on the emotional havoc Tory faces. The audience is left hoping, for the entirety of the novel, that Tory can find affection and happiness in her life. A simple tale on the outside, The Way Home packs some punch in the emotion it draws from the reader making it a wonderful addition to any library.

Rated: Excellent
Resource Links, July 22, 2013
  Becky Citra, an experienced author, develops an interesting plotline using a wide spectrum of characters. The conflict of a foster child looking for a place to belong is powerful. The story of a girl’s love for a pony is one to which many young girls can relate. The forest fire provides an added measure of urgency.  
CM Number 34 May, 2013
  Citra sets a nice pace for the story with a simple style of telling. The altenating point of view between Tory and Lucky is engaging and readers will want to read "just one more chapter" to see what happens next. Both pony and girl are resilient and while there are uhappy moments, Citra never lets the story sink into despair. The Way Home is a story of survival and the importance of never giving up hope. Citra tackles the issue of foster care with both candor and care and young readers will be gratified when Tory finds a real home where she will be loved and wanted.  

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