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Orca Book Publishers

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April 2009

$ 7.95

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Ages 8 - 11

105 pages, 12 chapters


The Story

There were a lot of things they should have done, Robin realized, as the cold formed an icy ball inside her chest. The emergency survival pack – why had she forgotten to grab that? She thought miserably of all things inside it – matches, a space blanket, a tiny  stove . . . .  This was stupid. They should go back. People died of hypothermia in this kind of weather.

Robin is devastated when an accident on a snowy highway disrupts her family’s Christmas traditions and sends her aunt to the hospital with serious injuries. When arrangements are made for Robin’s cousin, April to live with Robin on their ranch while Aunty Liz is recovering, Robin is thrilled. However problems quickly arise when Robin discovers that April has changed and would rather be with her mother. A dangerous cross country ski trip in a blizzard helps the girls understand each other better.

*Whiteout has been nominated for the 2010-2011   Chocolate Lily Award.

What people are saying about Whiteout

The strength of Whiteout lies in the depiction of Robin as a typical pre-teen, too self-absorbed to understand or comprehend the real pain and dislocation being suffered by her cousin April.
The second strength of this novel is the setting in the beautiful and unspoiled BC interior which provides a great location for nature on the grand scale contrasted with human frailties.
 CM Volume XVI Number 7

This new title in the Orca Young Readers Series is sure to please readers looking for a story which engages from the beginning and moves quickly to a satisfying ending. Robin and April's growing pains and friendship troubles are very true-to-life. Family life on Robin's ranch within the isolated winter setting rounds out the story in a most satisfying way.
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