Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater

Illustrated by:
Jessica Milne


Orca Book Publishers

Pub Date: 

$ 6.95

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Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater

Ages 7-9

64 pages, 10 chapters

The Story

Something silver flashed in the corner of the room Jeremy stepped closer. A jagged lightening bolt glowed and shimmered. “Neat!” said Jeremy. He picked it up. It felt warm. His fingers tingled. “Put that down!” screeched Mr. Magnus. Can’t you read? DON’T TOUCH!” Everything swirled around Jeremy. Mr. Magnus cried, “He’s not ready! He didn’t read the rule book!”

Jeremy follows an orange cat called Aristotle to a little room in the mysterious Enchanted Theater, where he meets Mr. Magnus, the owner of the theater. The theater is cursed with bad luck, the audiences don’t come any more and the actors have quit. The only clue is a lightening bolt in the shape of the letter Z. A sign from Zeus, the king of the ancient Greek gods! With the guidance of Mr. Magnus and the Enchanted Theater Rule Book, Jeremy and Aristotle travel back in time to Mount Olympus to meet Zeus and find out why he is punishing Mr. Magnus and his theater. Along the way, they encounter a fiery giant, a deer with a silver horn, angry gods, and some lively nymphs. To add to their troubles, Jeremy has no idea how to get home!

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